See You At The Pole

Hey guys! Today is an event that is happening all around the US that is called see you at the pole!


What this basically is, is every 4th Wednesday of September, people (mainly students) will gather around their school’s flag pole at 7 am and pray for their school, and schools nation wide. It is held out side of school hours and is entirely student lead. Because of our 1st amendment right, this is totally legal and awesome!  🙂

See you at the pole, started when 10 students gathered to pray for their school. Students before hand, had been told they couldn’t pray in their school, some had even been arrested. Students wanted to take a stand for what they believed in and so they started the annual see you at the pole.

If you have been able to do something like this, that is super amazing! To stand up for what you believe in is something that, as Christians, we should do. I am encouraged every time when I hear that Christians are standing up, especially high school kids. If you are feeling challenged to take a stand, then do it! You never know were it might lead and what God can do through that!



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