School Picture Day

Good morning everyone! Today is the start of another week and today is also my school pictures! I don’t know whether to be happy or scared about this phenomenon. Really everyone knows the dread of school pictures. These will be the same ones they show at your graduation, to your children, even to your friends sometimes. They are forever recorded in the year book so generations down can see them. You want them to look nice, but you need to look simple.

Then, when you’re getting ready to graduate and you start to reminisce by looking back at your old school pictures, you are just like, ‘Oh dear! What was I thinking! I’m sure glad I grew up and changed.’ I think for everyone, there is maybe only one school picture that you like.

Here is a Studio C sketch about school picture day. Hope you enjoy and will get a laugh!  🙂

Comment below if you actually like your school pictures. I mean, some people do!  🙂 Have an awesome day peeps!



2 thoughts on “School Picture Day

  1. Having watched the Studio C sketch, I can understand why school picture day is a rather scary phenomenon for you Maris. I hope you survived OK and I look forward to seeing and getting some new school photos. You look good in all of them Maris.
    Love, Pa


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