Need Your Help! :)

Hello everyone! How are you all this Wednesday? My week has been pretty uneventful so far, getting exited for Thanksgiving though!

Anyway, I started writing a “story”, it’s not really a story, but I’m kind of stuck where I’m at. I was thinking of just leaving it, but I wanted to know what ya’ll though about it. Here is what I have…

“I can’t hear. Some would call me deaf, others call me disabled, I call myself disconnected. People around me are laughing but I don’t know why. No one can talk to me because I can’t hear them. So here I sit, alone and scared. Scared of what the future holds for someone who can’t hear it. The world seems to go on around me, while I’m stuck in time. Stuck at the last time I could hear. Hear my little sister scream in pain. Hear the heavy footsteps of the man who was yelling at her and me. Hear his hands clap my head multiple times. Then nothing.”

What do you guys think? Comment below, and if you have ideas to add on, comment those as well! Thanks for reading/contributing everyone!



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