Tis the Season!

Good morning everyone! The holiday season has finally hit here. I want to quickly update you on a few things that are happening now that it is the season!  😉

In my last post, I told ya’ll that we would be going to a practice debate tournament…well that kind of fell through because we got a blizzard of snow here! It actually wasn’t a blizzard were I live, but were the practice tourney was going to be, they got like 6 inches of snow (or something like that). So that was canceled. I’m kind of happy and kind of sad because I got a relaxing day, but we didn’t get any practice in.

Another thing that has happened is that Christmas music has started up already! I don’t actually know whether to be happy or upset about this one. I like Christmas music, but it just seems like they play the same stuff over and over and over and over…..you get what I mean.

Also, Thanksgiving is this week! I’m super exited for this! I don’t have any classes this week (but still a little school) so this will also be a nice week.

The last exiting thing that is coming up, is our production of Beauty and the Beast is on stage next week!!! We preform the 1st two weekends in December and I’m super pumped and ready to be on stage!

That’s it! Tell me about some of the exiting things that are coming up for you! I love to hear from you guys!  🙂



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