Things I Love About Winter!

Hello everyone and welcome to another Maris’ blog post! First off, how was your Thanksgiving and are ya’ll going out black Friday shopping…? My Thanksgiving was great! We had a wonderful time with family and I’m glad to be able to see everyone again! I don’t know if I’m going out black Friday shopping…it might not be worth it! 🙂

Anyway on to my post! I wanted to do a series of 2/3 posts, about things I love and hate about winter. (I also might do a funny winter meme post!) So, without further to do and in no particular order, here are the things I love about winter!



This one is big! It is probably cliché but I don’t care! I always love the feeling in the air of Christmas! The lights, the shopping, the snow, the carols, the décor, everything about Christmas! It is such a special holiday as well as a fun one!


2. Fresh snowfall

There is nothing like waking up on a Monday morning (or any morning but it is especially nice on a Monday morning when you have a whole week ahead of you) to wake up and look out side and the sun is shining and then it has been a fresh snowfall and frost! I love it so much!


3. Winter clothes

The cozy sweaters, the scarfs, the boots, the hats, so nice! I love being able to wear my cozy clothes and boots and feel stylish at the same time!


4. Cozy Fires

I love this one as well! Going out and snowmobiling and getting literally frozen and then being able to unthaw by the wonderful, blazing fire place; you just can’t do that in the summer time.  🙂


5. Christmas Music…?

Ok, the Christmas music on the radio is my love/hate relationship. It’s ok, but very repetitive. The Christmas music I’m talking about here, is the beautiful, enchanting O Come Emanuel, What Child is This, Joy to the World, Angle’s We Have Heard On High and all the songs like that! This is what Christmas music is about! 🙂


6. Winter Driving

Ok, I’ll admit, I haven’t done a lot of this yet, but I’m ready for the challenge…I think.


7. Crisp air

I love the crisp air of the winter. I know I’ve raved about this before (the humidity) and so I’m very grateful for the crispness in the air in winter.


8. Watching the snow come down

Ok, I know this is like my 2nd point, but it is a whole different thing for me! One of my favorite things to do (ever) is stand outside in the peace and quiet watching the snow fall. It is something that I can’t explain but it is very special to me.

That’s it ya’ll! Comment below telling my what you love about winter! I look forward to reading what you say! Thanks for reading this everyone and have  a fantastic weekend!



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