Beauty and the Beast!

Good morning everyone! I hope ya’ll are having a fantastic week as we are at Wednesday! I just figured out that this week and next week are my last 2 weeks of school until break and I’m so exited! I can survive 2 more weeks! 🙂


I wanted to announce our next Beauty and the Beast shows that are happening this week. As you know, we had our last shows with the red cast leads, now this week we have the blue cast leads, the ensemble stays the same for both weekends. We have already had our 2 dress rehearsals and now the shows are on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. (Then we are done!  😦 ) Anyway, I hope you enjoy these few pics!



Here are Madam and Mrs. Potts. These two gals are amazing at their parts!


This is Lumiere, Belle, and Cogsworth.


This is Belle with Gaston. Sorry you can’t see his face but this is the only one they had of him.


This is Belle with the Beast. Both of these actors do a fantastic job. 🙂

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed those and I hope you have a fantastic couple of days until I see you again!



5 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast!

  1. Hi Maris,
    This is the first time that I have ever answered a blog. We are planning on coming this weekend. Is there any ‘best’ time to come? I hope you are staying warm. It feels like winter just came crashing in on us. Have a good day.
    Uncle Tim,


    • Well thank you Uncle Tim! Probably one of the Saturday shows would be good! (You should find out when my dad is going because I know he isn’t coming to all of them.) It got really cold outside!


  2. Hi Maris,
    I enjoyed looking at and reading some of your blog posts this morning! Very fun and gives a window into your life! Which character are you in the Beauty and the Beast? I should have been able to tell probably, but with costumes and all?!?!! We are having fun getting ready for Christmas too. It turned very cold this week (-25 with a -33 windchill !) so we are all bundling up a lot! Have a great day! Love, Auntie Kathy


    • Thank you so much Aunt Kathy! I am a statue in Beauty and the Beast (I’m not in any of the pics). 🙂 I’m considered ensemble so I get to be in both weekends! That is freezing! I hope you guys have snow, as here we just have cold (not that cold) with no snow. 😦


  3. Hey ya’ll! I just wanted to leave a reminder about what today is (because I usually do holiday/important date posts and whatnot!). Today is December 7th and about 50 some years ago on December 7, 1941 the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. This is a big event in American history because this is basically the start of when the US joined WWII. Just wanted to remind you all! Have a fantastic rest of your day! 🙂


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