Christmas Break


So, if you are anything like me, you probably get really exited about Christmas break, but once you actually get there, you get pretty board, pretty fast. Today, I want to share with you a couple of things that you can do so that you make the most of this Christmas break!

1. Homework-This has been the majority of my last 2/3 days, just doing homework. I’m trying to finish up biology so I don’t have any to do until we come back, trying to catch up on some stuff, writing a couple of speeches, and studying for a college level exam. Even if this sounds like the opposite of Christmas break, it actually makes you feel productive with your time (because you are being productive) and you learn as well as get your homework done so you have less work to do when you go back!

2. Shopping for Presents– Some of you may already have all your shopping done, so good for you! But for those who are like me, who still have most of their Christmas shopping to do,  this is the best time to get it done! (I mean, this one is kind of obvious because of course you have to finish your shopping before Christmas but whatever!)  🙂

3. Practice Your Skills-If you are in gymnastics, play and instrument, or anything like that, just practice it! You will get better plus you can show off to all your in-town-relatives.

4. Catch up on Movies– Yes, this one I will be doing. Don’t kill me guys, but I haven’t see really any Avengers movies and that is what I’m planning on doing this Christmas break! For any movies that you haven’t seen, see them now (if they are any good).

5. Sugar Cookies -Guys! This has been something I’ve just wanted to do this year, but our family hasn’t really made that many sugar cookies, but I just got a really great recipe and I wanted to share it with you. That will be coming tomorrow!

I hope you guys enjoyed these 5 tips. If you have any more ideas, put them in the comments below! Thanks for reading!   🙂



2 thoughts on “Christmas Break

  1. Hi Maris,
    Sounds like some really good ideas! I am definitely doing some baking (which I hardly ever take time to do) and watch some movies too. Have a really great Christmas break with your family! Give them all a hug for me!
    Love you all,
    Aunt Kathy


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