Merry Christmas-From Maris


Hello everyone! Because today is Friday it means that Christmas is in 2 days! I can’t wait. Have y’all finished your last minute Christmas shopping? I did on Wednesday so I’m all finished. It think it’s going to be crazy out there! With all this hustle and bustle, it is really easy to forget what Christmas is really about so this post is as much for my benefit as well as yours.

Christmas is about Jesus coming to earth as a baby. His birth was so that he could become human, be perfect in everyway, and then die in our place on the cross. Focusing on Christmas, it is like the king who heard about a disease that was spreading among one of his towns. He knew that it had to be stopped before it spread to more towns and became a major disaster. So, he went down to the city and started helping the sick. While he was there, one of his subjects said, “My king, why don’t you go back before you get sick? This isn’t as important as other things that you need to attended to.” The king replied, “I will not leave until the last sick person gets better.” He kept his word. It took about a year, but the disease had finally left the town. This story can be compared to what Jesus did for us.  Our king in Heaven humbled Himself and came to the world He created so He was able to save His creation. That is why we celebrate Christmas!

I hope that this Christmas you will be able to take time just to reflect on the fact that our king loved us so much, He came off His throne to save us. Even if it was just you living on this earth, He still would have done it.

Before you leave this post today and on lighter note, please watch this video. It is really cute and is my Christmas card to you!  🙂



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