2017-The New Year!


Happy new year everyone! How was everyone’s new year’s weekend? Mine was fun because I was able to work, but leave early and go to a party until around 1 am in 2017! Today I wanted to talk a little bit about the new year, new years resolutions, and recommend some things to you!

First off, the new year! One reason why I think we have new years resolutions, is because as we get a new year, it’s like a chance almost to be able to start over: get new goals, become someone new, achieve different things, etc! A new year is, to most people, like a fresh start which is where I think new years resolutions come into play.

Now, your resolutions might be something like, eat less sugar, go on a diet, read 10 books a month, learn a new instrument, (fill in the blank). My resolutions aren’t really things I want to accomplish, but more like goals I want to set. I feel like my new year’s resolutions this year are: I want to let the Lord take full control of my life. I want to follow were He leads even if it is extremely hard. I want to let go of myself and hold on to God; to put others before myself. Even though those goals sound hard, I am determined, that with God’s help it is possible.  🙂

Just randomly, I wanted to recommend 2 books that, if you are looking for some good books to read this new year, these are them!

First off, The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom. This book is about Corrie Ten Boom and her life hiding Jews during the holocaust. She has an amazing story and it is so encouraging to see what God does to help her, and through her.

Secondly, Crazy Love by Francis Chan. This book, is just amazing! It is really telling us about our Savior’s love for us, and how we should respond by having a crazy love for Him. (If you know Francis Chan and how amazing he is, then you should know that this book is amazing as well.)

That’s it for today ya’ll! Tell me about your new years resolutions and what they mean to you! I always really love to here from you guys!  🙂



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