Tap Dancing!

Hey everyone!!! Today I wanted to share something exiting with you…I’m learning tap dancing! I’m super exited. Our next show that we are in is Singing in the Rain and, if you don’t know already, that show is majority tap dancing.

We’ve already learned some moves and are learning  a routine to a Hamilton song in our class. During theatre, we will be learning routines to the Singing in the Rain songs! Guys! I’m so exited! Tap dancing looks and sounds so cool and I can’t wait to acquire this skill.

One person/persons that have really gotten me inspired are Shirley Temple and Bojangles. If you’ve ever seen a Shirley Temple movie, she tap dances. My favorite ones are the ones when she and Bojangles tap together. I love watching his face! 🙂 I wanted to share with you a clip of them doing this in her movie The Little Colonel.

Tell me what types of dance are your favorite or if you do dance, what you are best at! See you on Friday!



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