The Sword of the Lord!

Hello everyone! Today, on this melancholy Wednesday morning, I wanted to share with you how God’s Word, the Bible, has helped me by being the Sword of the Lord.

I’ve been taking a biology class this year and they talk a lot about evolution. While its good for me to hear both sides, it sometimes gets me confused with the truth. This is when I am able to look to the Bible for help. It has the answers we need! It is the sword, penetrating the heart and soul. This fact has really encouraged me. I’ve also prayed for the Lord to reveal to me the truth. It has worked and I feel like I’ve been able to understand the truth even better because of this!  🙂

I know that this is a very mini post, but I hope you guys can be encouraged and reap something from my experience. Comment below telling me some encouraging thing you have learned recently! Also comment below and tell me if you love the snow we’ve been getting! (If you’ve been getting snow that is.) That’s all folks!  🙂



One thought on “The Sword of the Lord!

  1. Hey Maris,

    Great post! This is a very significant issue that will continue to raise it’s ugly head through your life as the world and their “wisdom” conflicts with the Bible and God’s truths. I pray fervently that God will continue to guide your thinking and the Holy Spirit will drive the truths of scripture deep into your heart and soul!

    Love, Daddy


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