NCFCA Weekend

Hello everyone! Happy Wednesday! It is already the middle of the week but it doesn’t feel like it to me.

Well guys, it is that time of year again, speech and debate tournament season is here! That means that the rest of the week, Wednesday-Saturday, I’m going to be at our speech and debate tournament. This is the first one of the year and I’m pretty nervous. I have 3, 10 minute speeches that I had to memorize and 2 of them are too long (so trying to cut them down) and the other one I only have partially memorized.  😦 I’m stressed out right now but I’m trying to remember that I’ve done my best and I’m leaving the rest up to the Lord. He will help me retain the information if I need to. I want to do these speeches to the best of my ability but ultimately get my message across to the judges and glorify Him.

I hope the rest of you guy’s week goes well! Comment below and tell me if tournament season is starting for any of your sports/activates. I hope you have an amazing Wednesday guys!



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