Looking to Him

Good morning guys! Ready to start another week? For me here, there is sunshine and brisk air so that makes me happy!  🙂

I wanted to share with you this verse from Psalm 34.


When we look to Christ for help, we will be radiant with joy! Isn’t that an amzing promise!? He doesn’t say He will take away our problem or make it easier, but He will walk through it with us when we call on His name. He is just waiting for us to call on Him! It is such an encouragement that when we look to Him, we will be radiant with joy and we will have no shadows of shame!  🙂

I hope that that encourages you today. When you come to a hard spot in life (or even if life is good!) look to Him because He will be there for you.

Now everyone, before we leave here today, don’t forget about the movie quotes quiz everyone! Here is the is the link for it! https://marielle01blog.wordpress.com/2017/02/22/movie-quotes-quiz/  (I’ll be giving the answers on Wednesday so look out for those!) Have an awesome day ya’ll!

~Maris  😉


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