3 Holidays We’ve Missed This Week!!!

Hello all! It is exiting because it is Friday! Horary!!! I was planning on doing a different post today, but then I thought, oh my goodness! I totally forgot about 3 holidays this week. I wanted to do a fun post just recognizing each holiday and writing a “thank you note” to each one.  🙂 (Just so you know, these “thank you” notes are me being sarcastic so beware)

On Tuesday of this week, it was pi day (3.14-get it?) Here is my thank you note to pi day:

Dear Pi Day, thank you so much for coming around every year to remind me about pies and circles and how much I really don’t like math.

On Wednesday of this week, it was the Ides of March! (If any of you don’t know this reference, you need to read the play Julius Caesar.)

Dear Ides of March, thank you for coming around every year to remind me of Shakespeare and death. I’m not quite sure what you are celebrating, except Caesar’s death so thank you for reminding me about that every year.

And of course, today we have St. Patrick’s Day!

Dear St. Patrick’s Day, thank you for coming around each year and not being a big enough holiday that I remember to wear green on your day. Of course, we all need a day to feel like we are Irish so thank you!

Being real, thank you St. Patrick for bringing the message of Christ to the Irish. You risked everything and went back to the place of your bondage. If you hadn’t done this, Ireland might still be a pagan land. Thank you for your courage!

I hope you enjoyed those thank you notes. If any of you have a “thank you” for any of these holidays, comment it down below. Have a wonderful weekend ya’ll!

~Maris  🙂


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