Palm Sunday: The Week of Easter

Good morning all! How was your last week and you weekend? I am super exited because the grass is getting greener, the buds are popping on the trees, and the weather is warming up!!! Just to update ya’ll, my speech and debate tournament went well; now we’re just looking forward and preparing for Regionals. 🙂

Today I wanted to talk a little about Palm Sunday because that was the event that happened yesterday. In 6 days it is Easter and I am so pumped to celebrate it this year! I’ll be talking a little more about Easter on Wednesday but for now, I’ll talk about

I feel like Palm Sunday is an event that kind of gets missed but it is an important part of our Easter celebration. I wanted to talk about 3 main reasons I saw this to be.

The first one has to do with Jesus and that is that Jesus came into town to die on the cross. I’m sure that you think that this is a given but what He did, by riding in on a donkey and people actually praising Him with palm branches, was proclaim that something was going to happen. Everybody knew that something special was up, even if they got it wrong and though He was coming to save them from the Romans. By riding into town on the donkey, Jesus was declaring that a special event was about to take place. It’s almost like, you can’t turn back now.

The second thing about this day is that Jesus fulfilled a prophesy. In Zechariah 9:9 it says,

The prophet Zechariah was telling the daughter of Zion (Israel) to rejoice because their King, which is Jesus, will be coming to them. It specifically says that Jesus will ride on a donkey. You have to wondering if the Jews who were celebrating Jesus’ arrival were thinking of this passage of scripture as they were praising Him.

The last thing to note about this day is the people. The people were praising Jesus, they honored Him like a king. But soon, those same people would shout for His death. Even though Jesus was coming to save them, they didn’t realize this at the time. They were only looking at the physical, this man didn’t save them from the Romans, but He was saving them from something much more important.

I hope you gleaned a little from this Palm Sunday post and I hope that you have a wonderful day! 🙂



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