Sweet Sixteen

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? Surviving to the middle of the week? I don’t know about all of ya’ll’s schools but I only have a few more weeks left of school! Because I’m homeschooled, I will be doing math as well as a few other subjects through the summer but otherwise, this is it. We’re in the final countdown. Of course, at the end of the year comes the big exams, covering everything we’ve learned about in the course. šŸ˜› Oh well!

Well, today is my sweet 16th birthday. I was thinking about not posting about it, but I thought I should. Just to tell you all where I’ve been and where I’m heading as a person. But before I do that, I just wanted to thank my wonderful sibblings. They got up about an hour before I was planning to wake up and they surprised me with breakfast, balloons, andĀ a few small gifts! It was so sweet so thank you guys! ā¤

At this stage in my life, I’m on my last two/three years of high school, already thinking about college and beyond. To be totally honest, I’m at that point where I’m basically like, ‘there are way too many life decisions to be made!’ Also, my life seems to have gotten very monotonous. Every Monday I get up andĀ I’m like, ‘oh here we go to another week, the same old thing.’ I have kind of gotten discouraged. I feel like my life has become very much the same, the same, the same. In the school year, I like it because I am busy (but then of course, it gets very monotonous).Ā Then when summer comes around, I get pretty board becauseĀ I don’t have anything to do (I mean, not that really keeps me busy, and I like being busy). This year, I’ve gotten a job which is really nice, I run, I garden, and I tan and those are basically my summer “things-to-do”.

I have really been thinking like, what is the purpose I want to get out of this life? I need to do something with this life that the Lord has given me. He has put me here for a reason and I need to act on it. The conclusion I’ve come to isĀ that the way to make life something worth living is to go out and do! I want to be able to be daring; toĀ step out in faith and go places and do things worth something in the long run. I was reading in Ecclesiastes and Solomon is like basically saying, what is your life because, even if you are the wisest man aliveĀ andĀ you create something glorious and big, you will die and whoever is next will take up your work. Who knows if they will be wise and what they will do with what you so hardly worked at? When I am walking in faith and doing what God wants for me, I just have to do my part and He will complete the rest. And you know the best part? If we are walking in His will, He will give you life and life to the fullest! šŸ™‚

I have decided that I am ready to take the life’s challenges-driver’s license; getting a job; making my own name, not with my family’s; finding my own purpose. As one of my friends said, “When life throws you lemons, throw them back!”

I’ve been scared to take the next college steps, afraid to leave home; afraid to go out on my own; to survive on my own pay checks; to go to college, to have to work super hard at a job and on my grades so that I can earn a degree for my money’s worth; scared that I’ll fall into not knowing what to do with myself.

I know that, at the end of the day, IĀ am goingĀ to Heaven and when I get there, I wantĀ GodĀ toĀ say to me, “Well done My good and faithful servant.” I want to go out and serve Christ; take the steps of faith outside my comfort zone and go live for Him, telling His good news throughout the world because that is what my purpose is.

For now, I’ve made the commitment to work hard at my studies. Sometimes I feel like just giving up and winging that biology test because, really, who cares about the 4 sections of a root and how to classify leaves. But I’ve come to realize that that really (at least for me) thatĀ isn’t the point. The point is to work hard at it; persevere and get a good grade and then, when it comes to classes and grades that matter, you will already know how to do it! I’ve also made the commitment to become a more flexible person. To be spontaneous and do things, even when I wasn’t originally planning on them. That’s what’s going to happen when I step out in faith to God, right? The unexpected?Ā  I’ve also committedĀ  to work hard at my jobs and take the opportunities to work so that first up I can start saving money, but most importantly, so that I can gain experience and I can do the best I can do. Really, doing the best you can do is what the Lord asks of you. You do your best, and the Lord will take care of the rest. But, if you aren’t doing your part, how can He do His and bless you whatever way He sees fit?

These are the things I have learned and committed myself to. I know it won’t be easy, but it is worth working towards because the goal at the end of the day is ultimately to become closer to God and to share His love to others. I want to be the best I can be andĀ there is no timeĀ better to start than the present!



4 thoughts on “Sweet Sixteen

  1. Happy Birthday Maris! ! Wow…I remember being 16…and thinking and experiencing some of the same things you are. Thanks for sharing those. Have a lovely day! !

    Love Aunt Kathy


  2. Happy Birthday “Sweet Sixteen”
    What a wonderful post, Maris, and so well expressed!
    Love you, and I look forward to God’s leading in your life.


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