Regional Speech and Debate!!!

Good early Wednesday morning ya’ll! I hope you are enjoying your week as much as I am! It has been so nice being able to drive, let me tell ya. We (Chichi and I) started our first day of our summer job yesterday at a little ice-cream shop and that was really fun.

Well, today we are leaving for our regional speech and debate tournament. This one starts today and will go until Saturday; we’ll drive back on Sunday. I am blessed to be taking all 3 of my speeches I was competing in to this regional tournament and that is super exiting for me. I know that this is kind of a ‘regionals season’ for a whole bunch of different activities and so I wanted to give ya’ll two main tips for any of your activities going to regionals.

The first one I have is to practice as if you were going to nationals. This one is a little challenging but very vital. If you practice as if you were going to nationals, than your speeches (or whatever you are doing) will be that much better! You will have probably had more practice and so you will be much more in tune with what you are doing. I know that for some of you, regionals was your goal for this year and I totally understand that. However, now that you’ve gotten to this level, there is totally a chance that you could make it to nationals if you put in the work!

My other tip is just to have fun and to preform to the best of your abilities. I know that this can be stressful and you are like, I have to preform perfectly; each of these performances count; I can’t mess up; ect! While those things may be true, thinking about them, especially when you are performing, just makes your performance all worse because you are nervous and not totally into whatever you are doing. So, just have fun! All the practice will pay off and if you have fun, you will feel more at ease and your performance will be that much better!

I hope that those tips help you guys! Comment below if you are heading to regionals/nationals in something that you compete in, I always love hearing about those things. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week!

~Maris  🙂


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