Good morning everyone! Welcome to another week. Here, the week is starting off beautifully. The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, the trees have budded and it is warm out! We made it through the deep, dark days of winter and now it is turning into the beautiful spring days, quickly turning into summer!

Our Singing in the Rain shows ended yesterday (insert crying face) and today I’m really feeling the post show sadness. I thought that this song preformed by Lindsey Stirling on her violin, was very appropriate for this occasion. (You can access the lyrics to this song here) This is a song that we like to sing a lot with our theatre friends when we get together. It is a such a beautiful song. Right now, just listening to it again, reminds me of all all the amazing times I’ve been able to have with my amazing friends. Listening to it now brings about a peaceful closing thank I am thankful for. I hope this brings some joy to your day.

(I know that this is themed Christmas, but the music and song is amazing and I really wanted to share it with ya’ll today.)

~Maris  🙂


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