VBS and Nationals and Father’s Day and Summer!!!

Good morning everyone! I hope y’all had a fabulous week and weekend! it has actually been raining and storming a lot where we are, but today the sun is out so that makes me happy! Anyways, as you can see from my title, 4 things have happened in my life this past week and I wanted to share them with you today (before we get into the summer diy mode).  🙂

We had a busy week last week. First of all, my church held it’s summer VBS!! I love being able to help with VBS (vacation bible school) because you, first of all teach kids about the Bible, get to have fun doing it, and you actually learn something! I loved being able to just go through this week with the kids in our group and help them learn that God made them for a special purpose (that was our theme for the week). It was a lot of fun working with kids I knew, and than new kids that I had never met before. I’m so thankful for this opportunity and it is a highlight to my summer!

The next thing that happened last week was NCFCA held it’s national tournament! (NCFCA is my homeschool speech and debate league) It was so amazing to be able to experience all the wonderful work these students have been doing. I mean, these kids are phenomenal! 😀 Their speeches and the way that they debate was amazing. I was so proud of my friends who actually moved up and placed; one of them was a national champion in his category!!! It was a very fun thing to experience!

Yesterday was also a very special holiday; Father’s day! I hope y’all didn’t forget and you did something special for your fathers. We took my father and grandfather out to Culvers to eat lunch after church! I love my dad so, so much and I’m so thankful for his commitment to our family and to me personally!

The last thing; on Wednesday, summer actually starts!

It feels like it’s been summer for about a month already, but on Wednesday, we can actually declare summer! Next week, I’ll start with my summer DIYs so look forward to those!

I hope y’all have a fantastic week! Comment below on some fun things you’ve been up to (already in the summer or things you’re looking forward to)! See ya!

~Maris  😀


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