DIY Popsicles!!

Hello everyone!! Welcome to the start of another beautiful summer week! I’m super exited for a couple of things this week. First of all, I just got my new running shoes for this season (they are super nice!!! Thanks Dad). Secondly, our family reunion is happening next week over 4th of July and our family is starting to arrive here on Thursday of this week! It is an exciting time.  🙂

I am so excited to start my summer DIYs!!! I’ll tell you how this is going to go: I’ll be performing the DIY and giving the instructions with my pictures. (Just now, I’m going to disclaim all the horrible quality for the pictures. I know they’re bad but hopefully you get the jist of them). Next, I’ll be telling you the overall price (roughly), and then reviewing and rating the DIY!

Let’s get into today’s DIY which is….

Popsicles are a fabulous summer treat and they are so easy, easy to make so let’s get started!

The supplies that you’ll need for DIY are: a popsicle maker (mine made really small, baby popsicles but it was only $.94 at Walmart so…ya!), sprite (or 7-up as I used), and gummy bears. As you can see, I did have lemonade there but that is because I also tried lemonade popsicles, just to see what they tasted like.

What To Do!


Pour the sprite into the little container, almost to the top but not quite. We need to leave in room for the gummy bears yo!


Stick in as many gummy bears as you would like! I did some of mine really packed and some of them, not so much.


After you fill in as many as you would like, stick it into the freezer for a few hours. I created 5 gummy bear popsicles, and 3 lemonade ones.


After they are frozen, take them out and enjoy!

$$ time: All in all, this cost me like $3. I had to get the popsicle maker and the gummy bears, but we had the 7-up already as well as the lemonade. The things to create these popsicles are usually laying around your house, but even if you had to get all the supplies, it is still pretty cheap.

The review: Ok, so these little guys were actually pretty good!

In accordance with the size of the popsicle, I think that it was actually just perfect! It would have been too big for me had it been any bigger, or a “normal size” popsicle. I liked the small size. It was perfect. In accordance with the taste, they were actually good! I liked the gummy bears as they gave it flavor.

The only two little draw backs I found were, firstly I didn’t really like the 7-up taste by itself at the end, but the way the popsicle sticks had to be stuck in, you couldn’t put any more at the top. The other draw back was that it was a little hard to get the popsicle out of the container, some of the sticks came out without the popsicles.

All in all, I will give this DIY

I hope that y’all try these popsicles! They are super cheap and really yummy and cute! It’s so nice you can keep reusing the popsicle maker so you can try different things/recipes. Comment below if you try this DIY and tell me how it worked for you! Have a beautiful week!

~Maris  🙂   Popsicles


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