July 4th!!!

Good morning everyone!! I can’t believe that tomorrow is 4th of July!!!!! That means we are well into the summer!

Right now we are at our family reunion to be together over the 4th    . It is funny because most of our family is Canadian, on July 1st we celebrated Canada day. 🙂 It wa a good time.

4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays (besides Thanksgiving and Christmas) because it is so summery, and I just love the feeling of it! To tell you the truth, it really doesn’t feel like summer to me, maybe because we’ve had so much going on…I don’t know.

As Americans, we are gifted with freedom. The freedom of speech, the freedom to choose how we live, the freedom of religion; we are so blessed! Freedom does come with a price though.

We live in a free land because of the brave people who sacrifice and give of their time and some their lives. It started on July 4th, 1776 when our forefathers declared that we were going to be free from Britain and start our own country, America! Since then, this has been a country of opportunity. People from all over the world have immigrated here because of what we stand for and our freedoms we enjoy!

I’ve heard recently  that people have been going against veterans; trying to boo them down, and belittle them and what they do. This is so wrong. Those people probably don’t even realize that it is because of these brave men and woman of our country, that after they protest or do what they do, that they are able to go home and live their lives anyway they want because of these soldiers that they are taking down. I want us to take the time today (and every day) to say thank you to these brave men and women. It is hard leaving everything and going and protecting this country, but they do it anyways. If there are any veterans, past or present reading this right now, I want to say thank you so very much for what you are doing. It is truly the greatest service to our country!

Memorial day (it seems like only a few weeks ago) celebrated veterans. Today we celebrate our freedom and independence. We haven’t had a war, or really any real, big threat to our country or freedom since WWII. Nowadays, our generation takes our freedom for granted.

Let us always remember to be thankful for this wonderful freedom we live in!

I know that was more of a serious post, but I want y’all to have a beautiful weekend celebrating! Have a wonderful 4th of July!!  😀



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