DIY Ball Gown

Hello everyone!!! I hope your last week has been amazing! Can you believe it is already the middle of July?! Scary!

As y’all can see, I have another DIY up for you. Now, this really isn’t one of those easy/really fun/simple/you will probably want to do this DIY. It was more of a project that I did and I want to share it with you because it was pretty exiting for me, and this proves that it can be done! It took a long time but now it is finally “finished”. I am presenting to you, my Cinderella gown!

(Again, very sorry about the pictures. I actually don’t have an awesome picture of it but this one gives you the jist of what is going on.)

Supplies: Lots of material (colors of your choice-I did mostly blues and whites), spray paint (sparkles, blues, ect), grommets for making the bodice/corset part, rope or ribbon for corset

What To Do!!

Just so you know, this dress was all hand sewn (which is probably why it is so bad peeps). I wasn’t creating this dress to be worn out or to go into a contest, or anything like that, so this isn’t a very professional, or tested and tried way of creating a gown. This was made just for fun so don’t expect your dress from these instructions to be amazing.

The other disclaimer I have, is that I didn’t this entire dress by hand. I did this mostly because I didn’t have easy access to a sewing machine and I find I have more control over what’s going on when I do it by hand. Now, with those out of the way, let’s go!  🙂

1. Bodice

As you can see, I had a blue bodice. The first thing I did was take a bodice from a different dress and fitted it to me. Then I sewed this blue material from a different dress overtop of the original bodice. (I also took bra pads and sewed them in.)

I then took the grommets, measured where I wanted them to be, and pounded them in with a hammer. I recommend doing this step on a pavement floor (like the garage or basement floor). It really helps with the process and the surface isn’t easily damaged. Then I threaded a ribbon through it and it was completed.

2. Skirt

For this skirt, because I wanted it very puffy and flowy, I had many layers-5 to be exact. (I had layers from other dress skirts, a table cloth, and the top layers was a window curtain. No one will know right!? 🙂 )

Gathering: I first gathered the material to fit my waist. (If you don’t know what gathering is, you can see a simple explanation here.)

Measure to bodice: I put the bodice on and then the hoop skirt. (Because I wanted it to be puffy, I put a hoop skirt underneath.) I then measured the skirts over top of this to what I wanted them to be, length wise and layer wise. I pined the layers together with safety pins. If you are doing this on yourself, you will need help.

Sew together: The next step is to sew the skirts together. Because I had so many layers, I had a giant needle. I went the whole length of the waist part of the skirt 3-4 times to make sure they were put together securely.

Sew to bodice: Then I sewed this massive heap to the bottom of the bodice. This was one part that didn’t turn out that well because you could see all my sewing job on the outside of the bodice. 😦 I still haven’t figured out a way to cover that sewing up so if y’all have any tips on how to do this I would appreciate it!

Spray paint: Because I had a white curtain on top, I wanted to spray paint it blue. I had a dark blue, a purple, a light blue, and sparkles which I added to it in a splotchy, artsy way. I made it a little more magical.

Hem as needed: The last part (which I still haven’t done yet) would be to hem the bottom of your skirts as needed. Some of them are hemmed, some are not so just finish up that part.

3. Sleeves

I had 2 pieces to the sleeves: a glittery material for the top, and a puffy material (that was previously sleeves). The glittery material was very dark so I added sparkles to it. It didn’t really change the color that much but it looked pretty. 🙂

Before I sewed them together, I measured the puffy material to how I wanted it to sit on my shoulders. I then gathered that material to fit the length I needed.

I then sewed the two materials together it a kind of puffy way. It is really hard to describe but it wasn’t really in a particular way.

After that, I attached them to the dress.

I hope those instructions explained my process thouroughly enough. It was super fun to do. I actually based my Cinderella gown after the one from the 2015 movie. It didn’t really look like it in beauty or colors, but it does in style. 🙂

Here is my completed project…


(Just to tell you, my sister Lu is displaying the gown! Thanks Lu!)

What did it cost?? Well, the dresses and material I got all came to around $50 (I got all my material from goodwill). It was so much cheaper then going out and getting material from a craft store. I then got all my spray paint from Hobby Lobby that came to around $15 in total.

The review: This was such a fun project to do!! I’m not completely finished with it, need to complete some seams, change the color of the sleeves, etc. Because it was all hand sewn and I’m not a professional seamstress, it isn’t a very professional dress and I wouldn’t wear it out or anything (as I’ve already said). It is mainly just for fun for me. 🙂

I would give this DIY

If any of you try this project or create your own dress of any kind, I would love to hear about it!!! I hope you enjoy!

~Marielle  🙂


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