Summer Favorites!!

Hello everyone! I can’t believe it is the start of another summer week! It feels like, for me at least, last week went by so fast! (Can y’all believe we are in the last week of July???!!!)

Now, today as you can see from my title, isn’t a DIY! I know, I said I would get to doing them and I do have lots coming, but I wanted to get this post out there before August, kind of while we are still in the “middle of the summer”.

This post is a “Summer Favorites” so that basically means that I’m going to be showing you my go-to summer items. I’ll be attempting to tell you what stores these things came from but a lot of these things were actually thrift store finds (especially in the clothing department) but hang with me!


I thought it would be appropriate to start off in the clothing department. These 3 are my GO TO shirts!! I love them so much and I wear them basically every day. These are all Goodwill finds…I can tell you their brands though: the grey one is from Old Navy, the black and white one is from American Eagle, and the green one is from the Loft.

All these shirts have pockets. I don’t know why I was attracted to that feature…. 🙂

On top of all the shirts are my these jean shorts. I wear these all the time! I love the darker color of the jean because it makes it seem a little nicer. 🙂

I wanted to put these 3 pictures of the 2 dresses in because I just got these and I am super duper exited about wearing them. Unfortunately, they are both thrift store finds as is my kimono, the checkered shirt, and my brown shoes. (And yes, I am standing on the toilet in 2 of these picture because we don’t have a full length mirror y’all!!) 😉


As we move onto hair, I had to put this styles in first. In this picture, I have extensions in, but I do this style all the time. I call it ‘the bun back’. This is a style I do when I want to wear my hair down but I need to keep it out of the way and I also need it to look half decent. I really go-to this one a lot when I go out.


This is my messy bun. I used to really be self-conscious of my thin hair and I would never just do buns with my own hair; I would use a hair donut or I would tease my hair like crazy to give it volume. I’ve since then embraced my thin hair (which actually isn’t that terribly thin) and have been doing buns where I wrap my hair around itself, or, if I actually care about getting a big messy bun, I use bobby pins and some hair teasing. I do this messy bun style a lot because I like to get my hair out of the way!

The 2 hairstyles that I don’t have pictured here that I do quite frequently are a ponytail and then a fishtail/French braid. The ponytail I find really complements the chokers I like to wear and also is a really nice way to get hair out of my face! The French braid I usually wear in my hair overnight to give it some texture (which I find really helpful!) The fishtail braid isn’t one I sport much, but when I do, I have extensions in and I wear it as a side braid. I like this one because I can get it looking really bohemian.  🙂

While we’re still in the hair department, I had to mention this dry shampoo that I’m using. Because I’m trying to get distance in between my showers for hair health (which I can explain in a later hair care post), I have been using this dry shampoo to keep control of the grease. I don’t use it to often, but when my hair is greasy and I don’t want to take a shower, this has saved me!


This summer, I have been a little obsessed with chokers! I really love them you guys. So, on the left we have one of my chokers (from Walmart) and a necklace from my wonderful sister (from Kohls…). I actually don’t wear a lot of jewelry and so this short, small necklace has been a really nice just add in there for a little more….bling (??).

On the right we have a tie-around choker with little gold things at the bottom (Walmart). I literally just got this on the weekend and I’m so exited about it!! I’ve already worn it out and it just makes an outfit a little more formal! All these pieces I have literally been wearing every day (or every time I go out!)

The other necklace I have been  loving is a little silver bird (from my sister from Walmart). I have lost it recently though and it makes me so sad!!  😦

These gladiator sunglasses (is that what they are called??) are my friends!! I just got them at the beginning of the summer, because now that I am driving, sunglasses are a necessity. I had some, but they weren’t really “cool”. I actually got these for my sister for her birthday, but then she got some of her own before I could give these to her. So, I just took them myself. I got them from Walmart and I pretty much love them (except that whenever I put them on the top of my head, they attach to my hair so…. 😦

Because I am driving now, I got this little Vera Bradly wallet thingy from Amazon. It has been super duper nice because I don’t need a pure, just something simple to carry my ID and credit cards. This is the perfect thing.  🙂

I had to throw these shoes in y’all! These have been my constant summer companions. I wear them everywhere (and I’m not kidding!). I actually got these from Goodwill last summer and they have been with me ever since.

Before we leave the accessories part, I wanted to throw in my Burt’s Bees chap stick! I have been using this so much! Actually now that I think about it, I use it much more in the winter because of my dry skin, but I do use the color stuff in the summer. Because I don’t really wear makeup at all, using the color in the Burt’s Bees chap stick has added a nice touch that I enjoy! I would suggest trying this brand of chap stick because it is good quality and natural!

Favorites in the Art:

I wanted (no, needed!) to let you know about my favorites in the arts! The first one is the musical Hamilton!! I am pretty much obsessed with this musical right now! The music is awesome and the story and the writing are superb! If you haven’t heard of or listened to Hamilton, I would highly recommend it (the clean version of course).

The other thing that I’ve been reading is this book by Lindsey Stirling. For those of you who remember WAY BACK on my blog, I did a little biography thingy about her on my blog. She is a very talented violinist. I like a lot of her music and music videos! This book is her biography and it is so amazing! She is so honest and open, it makes you feel like you know her. 🙂 I read this book last summer, and this summer I got myself my own copy to read and keep. I would really recommend this book if you’re looking for something to read.

Well, that’s it! I hope that you enjoyed this post! Thank you for reading it all the way through! Comment below on what you like most out of my summer favorites or tell me about some of your own! I love to hear about all that you are doing in the summer y’all! Look next week for more DIYs but until then, have a fantastic week!

~Maris  🙂


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