DIY Phone Case

Welcome all! I hope you are having a fantastic, relaxing Monday! Summer is so great. 🙂 I am super exited to bring y’all another DIY today!!

Today, we are doing a…. DIY silicone phone case!!!

Materials: corn starch, silicon (Walmart), throw-away mixing bowl, plastic wrap, wax paper, knife, rolling pin, tape, contact cement (optional and not pictured)

1. The first thing to do is to cover your phone all over with plastic wrap. I also put a paper over the front of the phone under the plastic wrap to make sure we didn’t get silicone or corn starch in the phone.

2. Next is to mix the corn starch and the silicone together very fast!! I don’t have an exact measurement for how much silicone and how much corn starch, but you will need a good amount of corn starch (2-3 cups…I’m just estimating) and then start pumping in the silicone. When you are mixing it, you will know when it is mixed.

The little bottle I have pictured isn’t enough for the project. You will need lots more! The problem with the 1st case I attempted was that I didn’t have enough silicone. I pumped in basically the whole bottle but when I rolled it out, I didn’t have enough material to pull all the way over the phone. (I’ll explain more on that later.)

You also don’t want too much corn starch, leave it a little wetter. The more corn starch you put in, the faster it dries. My 2nd attempt at a case didn’t work because the case dried before I was able to mold it to my phone. So don’t make it too dry peeps!

When you are mixing it, make sure you use a throw away container or something you don’t mind getting siliconey. Let’s just say I know from experience that it is VERY hard to get off your glass bowls.

BE VERY CAREFUL on this mixing step. I was engulfed in fumes and I almost felt sick from them…it was not good.  😦 I had to have my brother come and just fan the area for me while we were adding silicone to the mixture because it was SO BAD! Just be careful peeps!

3. Step 3 is to take the corn starch mix out of the bowl and roll it out on wax paper (using extra corn starch like flour so it doesn’t stick to your rolling pin).

4. Once you have it rolled out like dough, take your phone and wrap and mold the silicone over it. It is totally fine to have extra on the side (as you can see I do not have in this picture) because you can cut it off later.

5. The silicone dries very fast so you will probably only have to wait a few minutes for it to dry. After it is dry, you can take your phone out, cut off the excess on the sides and you are done with your basic phone case!! You will probably want to cut out the hole for your phone camera, charger, ect.

6. This is optional but very fun: customize your phone case! I had soooo many designs picked out and I finally narrowed it down to two (although, I’m probably going to do another one with Hamilton!) This is where you use your contact cement because I found that normal glue doesn’t let paper attach to silicone.

What did it cost?? This wasn’t too expensive. The only thing I needed to get that I didn’t already have was the silicone (which was pretty cheap at Walmart). All in all, it only cost me like $3.

The review: This was a very cool project…in theory. I was pretty exited when I saw this as a DIY because my phone is so old that they don’t make cases for it any more. I also liked that you can customize it (yay for customizations!) There are a couple of flaws though.

First off, it is a pretty hard project to complete. I attempted the project 3 times before it finally worked, and even then it wasn’t that great. Also, the silicone is super messy and when it gets on something, it doesn’t come off except with your fingernail…literally!

Secondly, it takes a lot of time for not much of a profit.

Thirdly, this was not realistic for using as phone case. It was pretty big, the corn starch keeps getting everywhere (you’ll know what I mean), and the sides that you are supposed to cut off are super uneven. 😦

With all these things in mind, my stars would only be


I don’t want to totally discourage you from trying this project though! The video that I watched and other pictures that I’ve seen of this same project look good. It just takes a little trial and error and I’m sure if you tried it enough times, you could get a pretty cool phone case!

Let me know in the comments below if you try this DIY or have tried it and if you have succeeded. I’m sure this is a very cool project, once done under skilled hands. 🙂 Have a wonderful Monday y’all and I’ll see you next week!

~Maris  🙂


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