DIY Graphic Tee

Hello everyone! How are all doing?! Are you enjoying this summer weather? Here where we are, it has been cooler but that’s been nice for my cross country training. I am ready for the heat though-so we can enjoy the last few weeks of summer on the boat of course!!

Today I am here bringing you another awesome (and easy) DIY!! This is…

the DIY graphic tee!!

You know how you see those cute t-shirts cute designs, patterns, sayings, symbols, ect? Here today, we have a way to create our own customized and DIYed graphic shirts! Let’s get into it!!

Materials: a blank shirt of any color, 2 pieces of construction paper, fabric paint, paint brush

1. Get a print you like and sketch it onto a piece of your construction paper. You can freehand a design too!

I found this really cute print:

I really like it and so I decided to freehand it onto the construction paper. This took a little doing so tracing it might be easier…but if you’re an artist, go for it!!  🙂

2. Cut out the design. I used a pocket knife, you can use scissors depending on how delicate your design is. I had the “you decide” part at the bottom but I couldn’t get it cut out so I just left it at the 2 faces. 🙂

3. Put a piece of construction paper in between the back and front of the shirt, than paint in your design. Putting construction paper in between is super important to do before the actual painting because the paint does come through the material. This just keeps the back of the shirt safe and keeps everything where you want it.

Use your homemade stencil and dab the paint. Just be careful about the sides because the paint does have a way of somehow sneaking around the stencil, getting out.

4. Let the paint dry and then peel the stencil off. Once off, you might have to fix the edges (like I was saying before). I also added some more paint on a few spots that didn’t have very much paint and you could see the shirt color through.

The finished product!! I think they turn out quite alright! For the one on the right I did a quote from Captain America. It is one of my exercise shirts anyway.

What did it cost?? Well, the shirts I got both at thrift stores and I think they were around $2-$3 each. Not expensive. The white fabric paint I got from Hobby Lobby was $2.50. So this project amounted up to about $5.50 (not including the construction paper which we already had at home).

The review: I have really enjoyed doing this DIY! Any pattern or design you do (in my opinion) even if it isn’t perfect, turns out nice! It’s a nice way to spruce up an otherwise bland shirt and the nice parts about it are: it isn’t expensive, it is super easy, and you can create whatever kind of shirt you want!

All in all, I’d give this project

I have never been disappointed with the results of this so I would definitely try it!

Comment down below if you try this project and how it turns out for you! As you know, I always LOVE reading what y’all have to say! Have a wonderful week!

~Maris  🙂


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